What makes The Screamery so special?

We are an ice cream shop that functions as a small batch, limited edition flavour model.

What Does That Mean?

We churn out new flavours every week, so if something catches your eye we suggest you scoop it up because we can’t guarantee that we’ll bring it back.

Why Do We Work This Way?

Churning new flavours weekly means we get to innovate and play with new ingredients and flavour profiles constantly. This method also ensures that we can be as generous with mixins’ and waste as little as possible since we’re only churning what we need for the week. Plus, we can track flavours that really resonate so that one day (if) we decide to have a menu, we know which flavours to include!

What Makes Us So Different?

Our ice cream is made to order and churned the week of so that it is as fresh as can be when it gets to you. Our churning method ensures that our ice cream is dense and creamy with as little air as possible. Due to the nature of our model we are incredibly generous with mixin’s and produce one of a kind flavours like Birthday Cake Crumble and Salted Caramel Pound Cake.
Every pint from The Screamery is homemade and handcrafted, meaning that it is free of fillers, stabilizers, preservatives, artificial flavours and colours (when possible).
Most importantly, each and every pint is handmade with so much love and excitement. 
We LOVE you and scream for you! Come scream with us!